Volo Kite Pump - Scuba Air

Volo Kite Pump - Scuba Air
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  • Item #: VKPA-Scuba
Our standard Volo Kite Pump Inflator with a scuba tank adaptor and extension hose. This system works great for kite shops or beach events. The system works with any scuba tank (K valve fitting). The system includes one Volo Kite Pump Inflator, One scuba tank adaptor and one extension hose with quick connect fittings. Scuba Tank NOT included. The system can also be used as a re-fill system for smaller air tanks. Just connect up the hose turn on the tank and re-fill. The adaptor has a built in gauge so that you can see what pressure your tank is at. An 80 cu. ft. scuba tank weighs about 33lbs. Using the Volo Kite Pump Inflator with our venturi nozzle you'll get approximately 112 cu. ft. of kite filling out of a 80 cu ft. tank.
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Price $188.00

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